What is Home Infusion Therapy?

What is Home Infusion Therapy?

For patients who need infusion therapy but want to avoid the high cost of hospital visits, there is a popular alternative called home infusion therapy. This is a service that offers advantages over traditional infusion therapy at a hospital or doctor’s office. This type of therapy is conducted in the comfort of the home by a Registered Nurse (RN) who is qualified to provide such services.

The therapy involves administering drugs or medications to the patient through intravenous (IV) or through a tube that is inserted to the stomach or intestines. This type of therapy requires a prescription from your doctor, but it can be administered by a trained Registered Nurse.


There are several types of drugs or medications that are administered to patients through home infusion therapy which includes the following:

  • Antibiotics, Antiviral Therapies, Immunoglobulins, and Pain Management (PCA)
  • Central Line Maintenance and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Hydration, Nutrition & Enteral Therapy
  • Chemotherapy, Oncology, and Cardiac Therapy
  • IVIG Gamma Globulin, and Hemophilia Factor

There may be other types of applications for this form of therapy depending on the needs of the patient. This means that they can benefit from the administration of drugs or medications that fight disease, control pain, provide nutrition, and more.

Benefits of Home Infusion Therapy

There are several advantages that this form of therapy offers for patients. This is particularly true for those who have limited mobility or do not have the means to easily get to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Cost Effective: The average cost of getting infusion treatment at home is a fraction compared to having the same service performed in a hospital. This means that the patient can save on out of pocket expenses even under most insurance plans. Plus, the patient does not have to arrange for travel which is also a cost savings.

Comfortable: There is no comparison to the comfort and peace of mind of being at home to receive the treatment compared to going to the hospital. Stress and anxiety levels are reduced as the patient remains comfortably in their home.

Effective: Home infusion therapy is just as effective as getting the same treatment at the hospital or doctor’s office. The same type of equipment and drugs or medications are used. This means that you get the same benefits.

Safe: Because it is being performed by a trained RN, the same type of qualified individual that administers the infusion therapy at the hospital, it is a safe form of treatment. That means every precaution is followed and monitored during the entire process.

Why Choose Home Infusion Therapy?

There are good reasons why home infusion therapy is a popular choice. For those who need this type of treatment, the advantages of having infusion therapy at home are considerable. This means that you get what you need while never having to set foot outside your door.

Plus, it represents a cost-savings for you and those who provide the treatment. Home infusion therapy is safe, effective, and can be used for a variety of treatments that avoids a hospital stay. For that reason alone, it should be considered as a potential avenue of treatment for all qualified patients.

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