How to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

How to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

The prospect of facing dementia and other senior-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease is not a pleasant thought, but there are methods you can use to improve your chances of staying healthy. Understanding how to reduce your risk of dementia starts with these simple tips.

Reduce Stress

The effects that stress has on your mind and body can be quite profound. While a little stress is not a bad thing, too much can lead to premature aging which affects the brain. In addition, stress has been linked to cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes. Basically, the effect that stress has on the circulatory system may also affect the health of the brain which leads to an increased chance of dementia forming.

So, you should find ways to reduce stress, such as through meditation and exercise. By keeping the stress levels down, you can reduce the chances of developing issues such as dementia.


Regular physical activity throughout the day has demonstrated a strong effect in staving off dementia. This is because you get the blood flowing which provides oxygen to the cells. You don’t have to be an athlete as moderate activity such as walking, resistance exercising, and general movement seems to do the trick.

Eating Right

Data suggests that adults who consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially when they reach their 40s and 50s, are less likely to contract dementia in their later years. You’ll need to cut down on foods that have excessive fat which will reduce the risk of becoming overweight and having issues there as well.

Keep Your Friendships Alive

It may sound surprising, but when people grow older they tend to lose touch with their friends. A strong network of friends has proven to be a strong factor in warding off dementia. While no one is sure why, it may be because having friends keeps your mind active, reduces stress, and keeps depression at bay. It also helps if you keep making new friends, so you’ll want to be socially active in your hobbies.

Never Stop Learning

An active curiosity is a good thing because the more you learn, the more your brain grows. Just like you need to build muscle, so too can you build your brain by adding neurons when you learn about new things. Active growth comes from learning, so whether you read books, attend classes, or converse with friends, learning is an important element in keeping dementia at bay.

Keep in mind that there is no cure for dementia and no sure way to keep it from happening. But, you can considerably reduce your chances of having it happen to you. In the end, understanding how to reduce your risk of dementia boils down to eating right, staying active, and finding new challenges that keeps your brain working. The more you do during the middle age years to improve your mental state, the better off you are in preventing the onset of dementia.

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