How to Plan Care for Elderly Parents

How to Plan Care for Elderly Parents

There comes a point in the lives of most people where they can no longer function with the same independence as they had before. The aging process robs them of their mobility, sight, and even affects their mental capacity. For their children, the time to act is one often filled with heartache as their once active parents now need assistance. Adding to these issues is the lack of a plan by both parents and their children as to what to do when assistance is required. The good news is that by planning early, you can take much of the emotion out of helping your elderly parents while ensuring they get the care needed.


Different seniors have different needs, so you will need to address the issues they are facing with the right type of support. Some will need full-time care, such as you find in a nursing home. Others may need some care, such as found in assisted living centers. However, many seniors only need some help during the day with tasks such as laundry, eating, or getting the things that they need. Once you have evaluated their needs, you can then create a plan to address them.

At Home Assistance

If your elderly parents need some help with the grocery shopping, cleaning their home, bathing, and the like, then hiring a caregiver may be the best option. They can assist seniors in their daily lives without having to send them to a nursing home or assisted living center. At home care has become quite popular for several reasons, but the most important is its cost-efficiency and it keeps seniors in their homes where they are safe and comfortable.

You will need to provide guidance to the caregiver by offering instructions in writing to the tasks that they must perform. The caregiver will work directly with the senior, so there will be open communication. Your task is to ensure that all guidelines to care are clear and that if any further issues arise, additional assistance may be required.

Communication and Companionship

The two most important elements that caregivers provide involve communicating with the seniors they work for to provide for their needs. And, having someone around for seniors to talk and confide to in their daily lives. Both of these attributes are greater than the sum of their parts because it combats depression and loneliness, especially for seniors who have lost their spouse or life partner.

The companionship offered by a caregiver working in the home of the senior provides the assistance needed to lead a normal life while retaining the independence that they desire. By creating a plan in the early stages, you can address the needs of your parents efficiently while not having to overspend or perhaps remove your elderly parents to a nursing home or similar facility.

The plan itself needs to address their specific issues and be built around their needs with safety as the foremost concern. By keeping in constant communication, your loved ones will get the support they need while you get peace of mind.

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