Home Care Services for Seniors in New York City

Home Care Services for Seniors in New York City

With the cost of nursing home and assisted living centers going up, more people are looking to home care services in New York City for their elderly parents and loved ones. Blue Parasol Home Care is one of the leading companies in NYC that specializes in helping the elderly in their home which offers positive benefits for everyone involved.

What are Home Care Services?

For many years, seniors who could no longer take care of themselves or rely on family faced the difficult choice of moving into a nursing home. Such a move was not only expensive, usually taking up their entire income, but also caused numerous issues. In essence, seniors who could stay at home with some assistance usually lived longer and healthier lives.

Blue Parasol offers their decades of experience in home care, customizing the services to the individual needs of the senior. This means that whether a senior needs considerable assistance during the day or just an hour or two of help each week, Blue Parasol creates the right plan for you. You can now stay in the comfort of your home while getting the help you need which can be adjusted over time.

Why Choose Blue Parasol?

There are several reasons why Blue Parasol is the right home care service for you. Starting with the decades of experience that the company brings Blue Parasol understands the challenges of living in the greater New York City area.

Affordable: The cost of the services provided by Blue Parasol are on average far less compared to a nursing home or assisted living center. You get to keep your income and pay for what is needed thanks to our services.

Comfort: Numerous studies have shown that seniors live happier, healthier, and longer lives when they can stay at home. At Blue Parasol, we design our services around your needs. So, you can enjoy the comforts of being in a familiar place while getting the help required.

Versatility: The unique care services provided by Blue Parasol means that your situation will be properly addressed, so that you can continue with your life the way you want. Just some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Taking Medication
  • Meal Preparation
  • Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, and Skin Care Assistance
  • Oral, Personal Hygiene, and Toilet Assistance
  • Providing a Stable, Safe Environment and More

The caregiver that comes to your home is fully trained and qualified to help seniors with their specific needs. This means that Blue Parasol offers services that you need at a time that works best for you. That way, you can go on with your life while having the personal care assistance that helps you through the day.

If you are considering home care services for seniors in New York City, then Blue Parasol should be your first choice. They offer the best in home care services that are customized to the senior which maintains their dignity while providing the help they need.

Contact Blue Parasol Home Care for more information. Please reach out to us directly at 718-349-1905 or info@blueparasol.org.