Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

As we get older, it becomes more important to watch what we eat and make efforts to get up and stay active. This is because the likelihood of getting sick or suffering other physical ailments increases with age. What are some specific actions that a senior can take to stay as healthy as possible?

Nutritional Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Seniors are urged to refrain from drinking too much soda or alcohol. It may also be a good idea to refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco. While there is no need to completely cut out sugary or fatty food, they should be enjoyed in moderation. Ideally, an older person will consume more fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking plenty of water. Eggs, meat and fish such as salmon are also healthy additions to a balanced diet. While grains are alright in moderation, older folks are encouraged to avoid processed grain.

Physical Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

As we age, it becomes more important to stay active no matter what that activity may be. In some cases, a simple walk after dinner or some stretches after waking up in the morning may be enough to stay healthy. Walking or jogging can help increase a person’s heart rate, which is important at any age. However, as a person gets older, it becomes even more vital to keep the heart as strong as possible. Finally, make it a point to maintain a healthy weight as this can ward off heart disease or other problems associated with obesity.

Mental Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Exercising the brain is an important part of staying healthy while aging. Doing crossword puzzles, going to a dance class or simply getting out of a home or apartment may be enough to help an older person stay alert and active. In some cases, living in a senior community may be helpful as it can keep older people closer to those who share similar interests. Assisted living communities may be ideal for those who need help taking their medication or need a ride to medical or social appointments.

Healthy Seniors Get More Out of Life

As a person ages, it becomes more and more important to stay active and eat right. Staying healthy increases your quality of life no matter how long you live. If you make an effort to stay engaged as you get older, you will find more joy and satisfaction in life — and there is a good chance you will stay healthier as you age.

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