End of Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

End of Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Senior are just as vulnerable to the dangers of the summer sun and heat as anyone else. In fact, there are certain situations in which those over 65 need to be more careful before they go outside into the hot weather. What follows are a few end of the summer safety tips for seniors that will help protect you before going out under the sun.

Drink Plenty of Water

Arguably the biggest danger that seniors along with everyone else faces when going outside in the heat is dehydration. The problem is particularly acute for seniors because the awareness of being dehydrated may not take effect as quickly. This means that for seniors, drinking plenty of water even when you do not feel thirsty is a must to stay hydrated.

Be sure that you are consuming water, juice, or sports drinks that contain low to no amounts of salt. Sticking to water is good enough to fight off dehydration under the hot conditions.

Wear Sunscreen

The skin tends to become more vulnerable over time, which means that seniors should apply a generous amount of sunscreen on exposed areas of the skin. You’ll want a sunscreen with a high protection factor against UV or ultraviolet rays as that is what breaks down the skin.

You can also compensate by wearing light clothing that has long sleeves, regular pants, and a hat with a brim wide enough to cover the ears and neck. This will help in protecting the skin and using less sunscreen as a result.

Set a Time Limit

If you are going out in the heat, set a time limit so you do not get heat exhaustion. The hotter the temperature, the less time you should spend outdoors. So, set a time limit that is reasonable and have places to go to escape the heat.

For example, if you plan to mow the yard, set a short time limit and follow it even if you do not get the mowing completed. Take five or ten-minute breaks out of the heat. And if you do not feel right, go inside to the air conditioner immediately. Do not ignore the warning signs.

Tell Others Before You Go Out

It’s important that if you plan on being outside in the heat for long periods that you tell others where you will be. This usually means if you go fishing, hiking, or engage in an activity that isolates you from the public. While participating in a public event means you have others to keep an eye on you, being out alone means that no one knows to check in on you unless they are informed.

And have an emergency phone just in case you are stuck out in the heat. That can be a lifesaver when you can call for help. Carrying around an extra bottle of water or taking other little precautions can make a big difference.

By following these summer safety tips for seniors, you can better protect yourself from heat exhaustion and especially heat stroke that can be quite serious at any age.

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