Bathing and Toileting Assistance

Eldercare at Home: Bathing and Toileting Assistance

As people age, their ability to move about with the same mobility becomes restricted, their minds may wander because of dementia, and habits that were once engrained in stone, such as bathing, doing the laundry, and keeping clean start disappearing. The unkempt, disheveled appearance is a sign that all may not be right.

One issue that plagues many elderly people is the inability or unwillingness to properly bathe or go to the toilet. There are different reasons why this happens, but for many their aging bodies and minds can no longer keep the routines that have been built-in for decades. When this occurs, bathing and toileting assistance offers a practical, cost-effective alternative compared to moving seniors into assisted living or nursing homes.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

There are good reasons why seniors need to have their personal hygiene needs met to function in society. Even if they rarely leave the home, personal hygiene is a must for their health and wellbeing.

Illness & Disease: Germs and bacteria grow on the skin when a person stops bathing for weeks at a time. This means that cuts can become more readily infected and they become more susceptible to illness and disease which further weakens their bodies. Proper hygiene can prevent many of these issues from occurring which means the senior lives a healthier, happier life.

Appearance: The look and smell of someone who has not bathed recently leads to a negative reaction from most people, even if not intentional. Over the years, society has embraced a clean, odor-free appearance and those who do not follow such guidelines may feel shunned or rejected, which can affect their self-esteem which leads to other issues.

Feeling Good: There is something about taking baths or showering regularly that provides a boost to self-esteem which includes the elderly. Even those who may not bathe for more practical reason, such as the genuine fear of slipping or becoming injured on the slippery surfaces, still find it refreshing to take a shower or bath.

How Personal Assistance Works

There is the option of hiring personal, non-medical assistance for those who have trouble keeping up their hygiene, going to the toilet, getting dressed, and other daily functions.

Depending on the needs of the senior, a personal assistant may help them get dressed, bathe or shower, go to the toilet, and attend to other needs all in the comfort and privacy of the home. Such bathing and toileting assistance may come from a personal care assistant who visits the home for an hour or two or stays even longer.

If you are a senior in need of assistance, then getting taken care of in your home provides answers may prove to be less expensive and more practical compared to the expense of moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

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