Caring Home Care Agency in Queens NY

Caring Home Care Agency in Queens NY

The desire to live at home is an overwhelming choice for most seniors. That is why the landscape is changing from traditional nursing homes to moving the care to the doorstep of seniors living in their own residences. This is why Blue Parasol is the caring home care agency in Queens NY that works for your needs.

Proper personal and home care is now an affordable option for seniors who want to stay in their homes. There are good reasons why living at home matters and how Blue Parasol can help.

Why Living at Home Matters?

For those entering their golden years, the thought of having to move away from their homes is not something they look forward to doing. With so many memories, the idea of leaving that behind is often too much for many to contemplate. However, given the additional complications and increasing need for medical and personal attention, leaving home and moving into a nursing home was considered the only practical option.

But the cost both financially and personally of leaving behind the place you call home is so great that companies like Blue Parasol were created as an affordable, effective alternative. In fact, with the skyrocketing rates of nursing home and assisted living centers, the home care option is a more affordable and for most seniors, the most effective solution.

How Blue Parasol Helps

Bringing over 35 years of professional home care, Blue Parasol is a company with a dedicated, fully trained staff designed to help the needs of seniors in the greater New York area who want to stay in their homes. This means that we come by your home on a schedule basis to carry out the services as required by your needs.

The services that Blue Parasol brings starts with the senior. This means that the services are customized to their needs. Whether they need a little help around the home occasionally or must have more involvement, Blue Parasol gears its services towards what is needed. This all starts with an evaluation of the home care which must be provided to maintain independence for the senior.

Once the evaluation is completed, a package of services is created with a fully trained, experienced provider who ensures that the needs of the senior is met. This includes the following types of care:

  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Companion Care
  • Respite Care
  • Infusion Nursing

From simple companionship to providing full respite care, Blue Parasol is the company to call. We offer what is needed at affordable rates to ensure that you stay in the comfort of your home. Our personal care services means that you get what you need in terms of assistance, so you can stay comfortable.

We are the caring home care agency in Queens NY that provides the best in personal and home care services to you. If you are a senior in need of assistance or have an elderly parent who could use some help in the greater New York area, call Blue Parasol today.

Contact Blue Parasol Home Care for more information. Please reach out to us directly at 718-349-1905 or